Roomsfy Web UI Kit for Apartments rentals

Roomsfy is the largest UI kit for apartments renting and real estate booking SaaS dashboards

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roomsfy ui kitroomsfy ui kitroomsfy ui kit

A set of 213 pages for the three separate user stories

94 pages

Property owner

Booking tools and listings management layouts help you design and develop primary tools fast. Schedule bookings let you set available dates and assign prices. Messenger app lets you connect with the person that rented your apartments. And more useful pages for web and mobile that let you design a project in a few hours.

hotel rentals user stories

59 pages

Registered user

Manage your upcoming bookings or explore new rooms and hotels. Contact your apartment's host with a messenger tool. Help center pages, as well as public user profiles, will help you design the entire project faster.

hotel rentals user stories

60 pages

Guest user

Explore available apartment listings on the map. Create your user account. Learn more about the room using description, reviews, and amenities list. Ready to use listing booking pages will streamline your design process.

hotel rentals user stories

Built for designers

Create any app screen in a few minutes with our symbols and styles gallery

Sketch Web UI KitRoomsfy UI WidgetRoomsfy UI WidgetRoomsfy UI WidgetRoomsfy UI WidgetRoomsfy UI WidgetRoomsfy UI WidgetRoomsfy UI WidgetRoomsfy UI Widget

All your favorite apps

Discover all the amazing apps that are compatible with UI kit

UI kit for Sketch App
UI kit for Adobe XD

Adobe XD

UI kit for Figma


UI kit for Photoshop


Features available with Roomsfy UI kit

224 Text styles

Free Google font and pre-made global styles

Sketch app font styles

Material Icons from Google

1380 flat icons and document font styles

Material icon font

Theme related content

Quickly prototype your ideas

Sketch app ui kit

Mobile version

Build for both web & mobile app

Sketch app mobile ui kit

Landing pages included

We also designed 2 landing pages

Figma landing page

147 Document symbols

Vector-based widgets and global Sketch App symbols

Sketch app symbols kit

213 Pre-made screens

Includes everything you need for modern UI design

Preview all pages
Sketch Web UI KitSketch Web UI KitSketch Web UI KitSketch Web UI KitSketch Web UI KitSketch Web UI KitSketch Web UI KitSketch Web UI KitSketch Web UI KitSketch Web UI KitSketch Web UI Kit

Quickly prototype your ideas or build entire mobile and web app for real-estate renting with our design system.

mobile app ui kit


web ui kit


Ready to start today?

Personal license


Perfect for small teams, startups, and personal projects

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Commercial license


Perfect for large teams, operating business and corporate projects

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113 Mobile screens

check icon

147 Pre-made Sketch symbols

check icon

224 Text styles

check icon

Vector-based widgets and symbols

check icon

Based on free Google fonts

check icon


Sketch App, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Figma

File size

1.3 Gb

110 Web pages

check icon

Popular questions

I opened a graphic file and all icons are displayed as a rectangle, all icons are missing

You need to install Google Material icon font that embedded into the source file. Please visit this link and download the font package. Install downloaded files on your PC or Mac and then restart a graphics editor. You can find more information and installation details in the attached help file.

Where I can find information about the difference between type of license

Please visit the license page to find detailed information about licensing rules, allowances and restrictions. If you want to upgrade previously purchased license please contact us for a unique upgrade code.
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